Resonate Sounds DJ Kade caught up with Grime producer TRC to discuss the current problems facing his home city of Wolverhampton. Once a key city which played it’s part in the birth of the Bassline scene, Wolves today struggles to find an identity.

With it’s own residents flocking to Birmingham and Nottingham for a better clubbing experience it is fair to say Wolves’ nightlife is next to on-existent.

Why has the city been left behind whilst it’s neighbouring counterparts are experiencing flourishing nightlife? TRC spills all…


Kade – I hear you are not very happy with your city and its nightlife…
TRC – A lot of clubs have been shut down due to licensing problems and rent repayment, or rather lack of payment. They tried to shut down the Prince Albert due to licensing conditions, revolution has shut down, it’s all just fading away. Anytime there is anything urban the police are not game for it – they can just shut down your night like that. I have been running a night with my friend in Wolves for a good number years. We had a good run but things happened and it sets you back. We had an event which pulled in 2,000 people, we did really well; however, something kicked off in there. The press blamed that it was an urban night for the events but if your security is not on point there is going to be problems, whether it’s pop, rock or whatever.

Kade – That’s been happening for years all over the country
TRC-Exactly. Even in those EDM raves, there are all sorts going on. However, if anything goes wrong in an urban rave, it gets locked off.

Kade – Was there a time where raves in wolves were easier to put on?
TRC – There were raves everywhere in my earlier days but there was also a lot of beef which spilled on into the raves. We always had somewhere to go but it was still a bit mad

Kade – What time period are we talking?
TRC- I say 2006. There were events everywhere. From your local pub to an industrial area. Garage had just started fading but Grime and Bassline were coming through.

Kade – Do you find you have to travel out of Wolves now?
TRC – Not really. Wolves people are still up for it. The last time I saw a lot of wolves people at an event was the bassline festival – they know what’s hot and what’s not.

Kade – If you could put on your dream rave in wolves, what would it consist of?
TRC- Headliners from every scene. Live performances. Few Grime artists, D Double e, Stormzy, Skepta then your garage heads re-emerging like EZ, Craig David. Can’t forget your bassline and dubstep guys too. Somewhat a mini festival.

Kade – Do you think you can get that festival vibe , 3pm raving in the sun to bass, in wolves?
TRC – Definitely. Wolves guys are proper ravers. We will need the right location, police, securit; it will take a whole effort from the city to come together and put on a safe event. Places are getting shut down because things often kick off in wolves.


Kade- Is the police and council looking for an excuse to shut these raves down?
TRC – I would hope not. I think the most important thing to them is the safety of the people. I can’t see them doing that but you never know. I don’t want to say yes and I don’t want to say no.

Kade- I remember going to wolves for my mates stag-do and it was like a Ghost Town!
TRC – ahaha, I don’t know why he went to wolves for a stag do. In all seriousness there’s only a few places open. Prince Albert lost its licence over something very harsh, an altercation which had little to do with them. They just won their license back now but I am sure they have crazy conditions in place

Kade- It sounds to me is that they want these places shut down
TRC – Looking from the outside in it does seem unfair but that’s why people need to bang their heads together rather than going against each other. If we came and worked together peacefully we can achieve more… the economy in wolves is really bad at the moment as well. It is in no-one’s interest to have these places disappear. People would rather go Birminghan and Nottingham as there’s more options whereas wolves, their own city, is deteriorating

trc 2

Kade- I play In Nottingham quite a lot and for any sort of head you can find something

TRC – Notts is popping, there’s something for everyone. I last played there for Tumble Audio, it was a proper sick night.

Kade – They know how to throw a party

TRC – Yeah that place was mental. Bare people outside afterwards too looking for another motive. All in good vibes.

Kade- It is quite sad in a way because the city is only an hour away from Wolves
TRC- Exactly, compared to Notts its a ghost town in Wolves.

Kade- Do you realistically see the situation in wolves getting better?
TRC – It’s down but it’s not out. There’s potential there but we need options and consistency. Before there was 7 or 8 club options but now we have 1 or 2. It’s not just clubs losing their license where things are going wrong, some places are dying due to not being run properly or losing money. It’s a shame but there’s enough people wanting a good nightlife to be optimistic and hopeful.

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