In honour of Defected’s official 500th release, it’s only right to make Dennis Ferrer’s Bubbletop our Track of the Week. With countless hits under the Defected brand, it comes as no surprise that the New Jersey based DJ/Producer was their choice.

The D500 track features the vocals from Sagine, adding a bit of sass and punch to the hypnotic basslines.

Already a hit with tastemakers and a go to track in the clubs, expect to hear more of this one as we head into the new year.

A final word about Defected from Ferrer himself:

” I truly believe that Defected’s contribution to the history of dance music has been cemented with the 500th release and to this I tip my hat… for I am not only a contributor, but also a fan. Congratulations are in order.”

Here’s to 500 more releases…

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