Saturday 8th April marks a special moment for the Eskimo Dance brand as they embark on their biggest event to date. The 12,500 capacity arena welcomes some of the biggest MC names in the UK: from Godfather Wiley and general Ghetts to man of the moment AJ Tracey and newcomer Elf Kid.

It is no secret that the philosophy of Eskimo Dance has changed somewhat since its humble beginnings. Gone is the clashing, head to head element and in its place a nationwide event showcasing the best and emerging MC talent from the UK. Nonetheless, there is still an argument to suggest that Eskimo Dance has taken the spirit of its early days and evolved with the times.

We provide you 5 reasons why Eskimo Dance, ahead of their biggest stage yet, is still the No.1 event for UK MC culture:


There is no other event involving UK MCs which has taken off globally, successfully, as Eskimo Dance. In a day and age where London is still seen as the premiere destination, it’s refreshing to see a brand which capitalises on the markets across the whole of the UK. Grime and UK rap is not just confined to London, so its raves shouldn’t be either.

Diverse Line Up

There have been a few mumblings about Eskimo Dance opening its doors to “non-grime” MCs. Abra Cadaba, for example, will be performing on the 8th – a notable UK Rap MC who draws influence more from the Afro-bashment scene than grime.

Nonetheless, Eskimo Dance’s diversity is still one of its major draws. Their ability to curate a line-up fresh and current, with a mixture of veterans, legends, newcomers and emerging stars. Very rarely do we see events which brings together all facets of the scene and Eskimo Dance certainly ticks that box.


Somethin which is taken for granted is the regularity of Eskimo Dance events. The brand is often putting on events on a monthly, sometimes fortnightly, rate and the difficulty of moving such an operation across the country shouldn’t be overlooked.

The ability to cater to your audience, delivering showcases with the very best from the scene is a brilliant asset for Eskimo Dance. The annual program is brilliantly scheduled so that, as a fan, you are never waiting too long for the next event but also not saturated.

DJs & MCs

Eskimo Dance is still the No.1 event in the UK where MC culture and DJs are of near equal importance. The DJs act as an important component to the proceedings, whether that’s solo DJ sets or acting as the anchor in the larger MC sets. The MCs certainly draw the big crowds; however, the DJs are the ones who the curators, the real architects behind the whole operation. The billing of Logan Sama, Rude Kid & Maximum is just as important as Devlin, Frisco & P Money at Wembley for the 8th April. 

Anything Can Happen

And probably the most important facet to Eskimo Dance… its unpredictability. We get the billing for the event weeks in advance; however, true to its grime roots and form, an Eskimo Dance is prone to some big surprises. We don’t know who will be on stage together, which special guests they will bring… if they will even bring a special guest?!?

The element of the surprise and unknown is still as potent as ever, reinforcing the notion that the spirit of Eskimo Dance is still well and truly alive!

You can still buy a ticket for Eskimo Dance at the SSE Wembley Arena here.

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