For the month of July we will be starting a new series, giving you tips on how to make it in this wonderful world we call the music business. With the help of local aspiring talent, veteran artists and behind the scenes aficionado’s, we aim to prove that the music business can be cracked!

We’ve all been there. At an event or a club night, enslaved by the DJ and thinking how great it would be to be on the other side of the decks.

There’s no shortcuts, but alongside young Lancashire DJ Liam Murphy we share some tips for those of you looking to get into Dj’ing.

       1.Getting started

Logically, the first step is getting your first set of decks. The message across the board is clear – keep it simple. Ultimately you will need to find some decks you are comfortable using. Liam recommends the Numark Mix Track Pro II’s:

 They are great for beginners, the layout is really simple and they have basic effects. I’d definitely suggest these decks for anybody just getting started and looking to learn.

       2. Finding your sound

Don’t think that your favourite DJ hasn’t experimented with their sound. Start with the genre you enjoy, but try experimenting with others too.

 Liam Murphy:

I heard Hungry for the Power, the Jamie Jones remix, and since then it’s been tech and tech house…Some club owners may ask you to play a certain style of music, so you need to be comfortable mixing stuff that you might not particularly listen to yourself


   3.Finding the music

The Internet is filled with music from artists all over the world, all you need to do is look for it. Streaming sites such as Soundcloud and Beatport are essential for finding music. Dont’ forget the likes of Shazam too; not a streaming service but a quickfire way acquire that track you’ve been yearning to find its title, as Liam alludes:

I use Shazam a lot. When I’m at an event or hear a song I like, I just Shazam it. I got so many songs from Shazam last time I saw The Martinez Brothers

  4.Sharing your music

Don’t be afraid to share your music. Use your existing social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter to share links to your mixes. Ask your friends to share them too so more people see it.

Liam Murphy:

I started by posting my mixes on Soundcloud and sharing links to them on Facebook. I thought I would get negative comments but everybody always reacted positively to the stuff I shared. After a few months I started getting people asking me to do parties and club nights

 5. Getting your name out there

Sharing your music on as many platforms as possible will help get your name out there. Playing at club nights, events and parties will also help people get to know you and your music.

Liam Murphy:

The best way to get your name out there is just to talk to people. If you’re at an event or a club night, talk to whoever you can. Try and talk to the owner and tell him about your music. Make people know your name

Like anything, it’s about hard work, dedication and sacrifice; however, as Liam says, “The reaction of the crowd is so worth it.”

Written by Adam Russell

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