Majora – Valbandon/Armour King

When it comes to consistency the Roska Kicks and Snares label is head and shoulders above everything in the bass/garage scene right now as Majora, once again, delivers the goods with the double offering of Valbandon/Armour King.

Roska Creates The Perfect Model for UK Bass Music

Just as how music should be, the label has no boundaries in what it can achieve - it started off trendsetting, being the leading label for various scenes and it continues finding new ways to evolve music. If you want a definition of what UK bass should represent, listen to RKS.

Top 5 … Tracks of 2016

2016 has been a healthy year for U.K music with new stars emerging, talent becoming house-hold names abroad & a plethora of healthy music scenes producing banger after banger. In this special edition of Track of the Week, we will instead be looking back at 5 of our favourite tunes from 2016, spreading across all the genres love: bass, garage, grime, funky & house.

Spotlight on Bristol

Why evaluate what makes Bristol one of the UK's most musically fascinating cities