Our spotlight series aims to shine light on emerging Producers/DJs in the club scene! With the success of their recent EP Broken Lines– supported by the likes of Toddla T, Annie Nightingale, Monki and Marcus Nasty  – our resident UKG, Bass & Grime expert Kade thought it was time to catch up with the newest collective breaking through this new emerging, exciting, UKG scene – Kachina.

Made up of members Rob Sparx, Wigz & Zurcon, Kachina are relatively new to the fold as a collective; however, all three have notable pasts in music during the 00’s. Kade caught up with Rob and Zurcon to discuss this new project, thoughts on UK Raving and what the future holds for the three!


Kade- Loving the Gangsta tune on the new EP!
Rob – Thank you!
Zurcon – Thank You!

Kade – I assume you guys are friends. How did you all get together?
Rob –Back in 2009 I was linked with Zurcs by a mutual friend Ash who he used to do a Dub Soundsystem with, we ended up writing the Dubstep tune “What u Gonna do” with Zurcon on the vocals. 5 years later I moved to the same part of town as Zurcs and we started jamming a few times a week, that’s when Kachina was born.

Kade – What does each of you bring to Kachina?
Zurcon – I love my basslines but at the same time I love my happy tunes. With Kachina it is a different element ‘cos there are three brains, three influences. We are like a jigsaw.

Kade – So how do you three all come together to make a track?
Zurcon – In the case of Gangsta, there’s some hidden elements in the basslines. Watching that film was inspiration itself.
Rob –We had a bit of a row about Gangsta regarding the sample “Go fuck your momma” ahaha! I played that tune in the car with my mum and she was like ‘YOU WHAT?!?” aha.. it had to stay!
Zurcon – aha if it was up to me it wouldn’t be there!

Kade- Do you feel like there are any particular clubs inspirational in shaping your sound? Or is it about making the sound first, then worrying about the clubs after?
Zurcon – I must admit, The Emporium in Leicester did it for me. To go into room 2 and hear the Garage and dirty Basslines was something else!
Rob – I got to big up Prangman. He was on the tune Smile with us. He does a night called Sous Sol in Leicester where we play every few months. Both of us used to write dubstep 5/6 years ago but after my kids arrived I took some time away from music for work and was out of the loop for a bit. Prangman is a bit of a tastermaker he showed us what was happening & helped me get back in the game its a good venue to test our sounds out in.


Kade – That must be ideal!
Rob –When we first started Kachina everyone was into House music but we’ve watched the scene completely change over the last year or so, now everyone’s playing Garage and a lot of the old classics are getting played again to a new generation who missed them the first time round.

Kade – So throwing forward, how do you evaluate the state of the UKG scene?

Zurcon- We need some more adventurous venues. It’s no good having the music if you cannot express yourself. As we were saying about the Dubstep scene, we need a new birth of UKG. People need to dance away, escape the troubles of the mind then worry about work again on Monday
Rob- Leicester is just the testing ground, there’s only a few venues. We are looking at doing some things elsewhere too
Zurcon – The Garage scene in the UK is so deep. Places like Nottingham, Sheffield, when that sound comes back again it is going to be the North which capitalises. We need some more adversaries, people like Low Steppa in Birmingham is fighting hard but we need more.

Kade- Is that what we can expect, more live  gigs and club shows?
Rob- Definitely
Zurcon – If someone was to say “look, here’s £5 grand, put on a show” we believe we can put on something great. The inner mind will show you how the music is going.

Kade- Talking about that, you guys seem very fixated on energies and good vibes
Zurcon – Yeah, definitely.
Rob- We’ve had a few guides and teachers help inspire us, one of my original mentors is a Shaman who’s spent a lot of time in the Amazon jungle. Back in the day he had a studio full of classic analogue kit, jamming there is where I got properly started with production and picked up a few spiritual ideas as well.

Kade- I like that you guys are very spiritual and that it plays an essential part to your music!
Zurcon – Leave all the crap at the door, in the studio it’s all about good energies. Then Rob does his magic!

Kade – Recently the support you have had has been great

Rob – We probably have had more plays in the last 2/3 months than I have certainly had in my lifetime. But seriously, we have to give a massive shout out to NexGen Music and owner ‘DA’, without their help we wouldn’t have made such great progress with Kachina. Having a strong team around you is very important!
Zurcon – To hear the likes of MJ Cole liking your music is a dream, the guy who helped created the scene.

Kade- A legend! We look forward to hearing more from you this year
Zurcon – Our recent mix on Marcus Nasty’s RINSE  show has most of our new cuts for the year so definitely check that out!


You can find all info and detail about Kachina via NexGenMusic

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