President T talks Greatest To Ever Touch Down

To mark the release of Greatest To Ever Touch Down, Grime legend President T is embarking on an exciting UK club tour, playing in Nottingham, Brighton, Edinburgh, Newcastle & London.


Ahead of his opening show in Nottingham, Resident Sounds’ very own Kade talks to Mr T on the Wing regarding all things grime, raves and his next release – Stranger Returns.



[Kade]  Prez! You’ve been away from the scene, albeit dropping tracks here and there. Why?

[President T] I wasn’t totally out of the scene, you guys are one of the few to appreciate me doing a tune here and there. Certain things in my life took priority over music. I lost my knack of knowing how to get my music to a higher platform. I was only interested in grime music but elevating it. Every Meridian member was only interested in music to take it to a higher platform. We didn’t want to be local postcode MCs, our vision was taking it to a nationwide platform. Now I am back and know more about audiences and the industry, it’s a piece of cake for me now.

[Kade] What was it like putting your music out back in the day?

[President T] It was different. You had to get your track to the right DJ. A DJ getting many bookings and on the bigger stations. If you were part of the big three crews: Meridian, Nasty or Roll Deep, you had a straight gateway to make that happen. In a sense I was lucky and I am very grateful for my part in Meridian.

[Kade] How are you finding the club scene days?

[President T] A bit fussy! Crowds are a bit harder to please than previous days. However, if you are coming with fire you will be fine. I don’t have a problem or issue with it. If you want to make it big in this music game you need to make sure your bars and hooks are known to the fans before taking it to them on stage. They will then sing it back and creates a vibrant atmosphere.

[Kade] When writing tunes, do you take much consideration towards the fans and raves?

[President T] Very much so. I always take into perspective how it sounds in a rave, in radio and how fans take it in. If I believe fans will see it as good energy, it is definitely going down on paper.

[Kade] Let’s talk about new music. What will be behind your next mixtape/album?

[President T] It will be the full package. Back Inna My Face began the trilogy, it was a great introduction. The Greatest To Ever Touch Down, I feel, has been a big part of my grime career, there’s a lot of information there you can take in all types of ways. Stranger Returns will be the final part of that trilogy. I came out with Greatest To Ever Touch Down as an apology for the wait of Stranger Returns. When Stranger Returns drops it’s going to detail my life story yet be relatable for everyone from Scotland all the way down to Surrey.

[Kade] Talk to me about Bloodline. Every Bloodline and BBK member looks up to you as ‘That Guy’. When the crew formed, did you find yourself more as an older or mentor?

[President T] Going back to the meridian crew days Skepta and I were the eldest. We had different parts of us which were legendary. Skepta and I had the knowledge about the scene, lyrics and production wise- we were on another scale. The rest of the members used our knowledge and learnt from it. 

[Kade] Any future Bloodline plans?

[President T] Basically Stranger Returns will be 80% President T. The other 20% will feature other bloodline members and big people in the scene a.k.a Jammer, a.k.a Chip. It is obviously important to showcase yourself but Stranger Returns will also be homage to key players in the scene as well.


You can stream Greatest To Ever Touch Down below: