Kade Talks … Star One

UK duo Star One return with the second track to their 3 part Blocks EP- King of KingsKade catches up with Star One’s Adam to learn more about the EP, their roots and how it continues to play a vital role in their current day endeavours.


Kade: A few weeks ago I had a DM from Star One sending me a new banger, the first track of the Blocks EP – Promoter. I opened it and jheeez, I’ve been banging it out ever since!
Adam: That’s what I like to hear!

Kade: So, you are in the process of putting out a 3 track EP, tell me about it?
Adam: We mix loads of genres, from garage to grime. Some people have said “no, you got to stick to one genre” but that’s just not what we do. This EP is kind of a middle finger to that. This is what we do and we are going to show it – soundsystem foundation style: one garage, one grime & one jungle track, basically the foundation blocks

Kade: Whenever Star One drops something new everyone gets excited about it –the grime heads, bass, garage fans – everyone wants to hear the record. No one at the moment is fusing different musical genres outside of you guys
Adam: That is exactly what we want. All those genres are linked, all come from the same place, so it makes no sense to me to seperate it

Kade: Was there a particular reason why you wanted to do one garage, one jungle and one grime track in this 3 part release?
Adam: Well, you kind of hinted at the answer previously. The grime heads will still like the garage, the garage heads will still like the jungle. The release, from the tracks to the artwork, is an explanation of what Star One is all about. When we were raving in our early days it was garage raves, jungle raves, drum and bass raves, so we are basically explaining our foundation

Kade: Are you ever worried about being seen as genreless when you are tipping in and out of so many scenes
Adam: Yeah we’ve had people tell us that no one has ever tried to be part of all these genres. People wanted to do one genre to have that solid foundation. You may’ve seen someone coming from drum and bass then shifting elsewhere; that’s fine, however, we want to be the first to glue all these foundation sounds. It’s certainly more accessible to do that now. Original Badman was proof of that.

Kade: You’ve just answered my next question! Everyone is mixing musical styles and the youngers are the one pushing that
Adam: Exactly, all the scenes are healthy. It all blends into one now

Kade: Now, your DJ sets! I had to play after you once at Alibi and I can safely say you man know your stuff when it comes to this DJ thing
Adam: I’ve been DJ’ing for a while. At Manchester there was a particular rave with the Murkage Cartel. That’s where I DJ’d a lot, mixing and blending different genres and styles

Kade: Do you play what you love or play what the crowd wants?
Adam: Somewhat a bit of both. Our sets are all about the vibe. Catering to all different and various parties.

Kade: And that’s the way it should be. I’m often guilty of playing what I want and if the audience are not keen i’m like “get the f*** out then”, ahaha
Adam: ahaha, but it’s time and place. There’s raves people go to for a particular sound and there’s raves where people go just to have a good time.

Kade: I hear that. Tell us about the release dates of the EP
Adam: We are doing a track every two weeks. We’ve just dropped the jungle one and you can expect the grime track just before Christmas.

Kade: It’s sounding big – good luck with the next part.

Interview by Kade
Written by David Akosim