Kade Talks … The Heavytrackerz

If you attend any grime rave this year you will most certainly hear one of The Heavytrackerz’ productions go off! The trio (Ras Eye, Lord Teedot & G Tank) have been killing the grime scene the last 3 years with big productions such as Meridan Dan’s German Whip & Wiley’s Chasing the Art.

Our resident grime don Kade caught up with G Tank and Lord Teedot ahead of the release of their Pure Grime compilation.

Kade: Everyone knows you guys through the production bangers you’ve had, such as German Whip; however, I want to hear more about the come-up

Lord Teedot: It all started by making music at home. Having family members complain about the noise and all that. We put our Uni money together, getting equipment and working off that. There’s been ups and downs, a few rejections, people dashing CDs out the car – shout out Jammer ! ahaha

Kade: Jheeze!

Lord Teedot: All that allows you to grow as individuals and as a person anyways. It’s all about the journey

Kade: How did the collective come together?

G Tank: It started off with  T & I but we always wanted a third member. Ras Eye luckily happened to be there. We, initially, knew of Ras Eye as a graphic designer but he showed us some of his beats and we were feeling it. It all kind of clicked from there

Kade: Let’s be honest, you are the faceless production brand. Are we on some no face no case business or are we hiding from some crazy ex girlfriends or something?

Lord Teedot:  (Laughs) Nah nah nah. We just want people to be curious. You eventually start putting the mask and the brand before us. It wasn’t even intentional, it just kind of worked out that way. Just give them the music and the brand then keep it moving


Kade: Let’s talk the new tape. What was it like bringing these collaborations together. Was it a casual link up or do you go with it business like?

Lord Teedot: It’s all a mixture of one. We got 25 tracks on there so with some it’s all about just ringing a man down. The other tunes like Skepta Man, we had to go through the label, go through licensing and all that. The only annoying thing is the back and forth. However, it all opens your mind to the wider picture. Things like licensing and legal actions, it is a learning process

Kade: Lets’ talk production set-up…

Lord Teedot: You got your go-to equipment, computers you grow up on. Stuff like Fruity Loop is Tank’s bible, he opens it and it just whispers “Trackerz” (laughs). We all have our preferred program but eventually it will all go through Logic

Kade: What do you guys prefer, DJ or Production?

Lord Teedot: We’ve had fun with both. Production is our bread and  butter but we’ve enjoyed DJ’ing this year. Tank did Ibiza which was a lot of fun

G Tank: The venue we played at, Amnesia, was mad – absolute live

Kade: Ibiza clubs definitely invests a lot of money and time into the clubbing experience

G Tank: Yeah there was a guy doing the lights whilst I was DJ’ing and all of that. A next experience which we loved

Kade: What’s the plan next?

G Tank: We got an album we are working on and a bunch of releases in the pipeline. We don’t plan it we just let it happen, just like with Pure Grime

Kade: Aha, maybe another trip back to Ibiza

G Tank: Deffo!

You can buy Pure Grime via iTunes

Interviewed by Kade

Written by David Akosim

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