Kade Talks … Bru C

In this edition of Kade Talks, we find out what Nottingham MC Bru-C is up to.

Having established himself as one of the biggest artists in the Midlands, Bru-C is not your typical MC. With a record label, club night, band and art exhibitions to his name, there’s more that meets the eye to this special talent…


Kade: You’ve done your thing over grime & rap but now it seems like bassline is where it’s at with you. What was it like aligning yourself with that bassline brand?

Bru-C: Well I’m still doing bits and bobs of everything. I still do rap and grime when the time is right but to be honest, I am just enjoying music, performing, partying –  doing whatever feels right and fun

Kade: Talking about parties, tell me about Phlexx

Bru-C: Yeah man, Phlexx is everything from live events to exhibitions to raves. We recently booked Skepsis and the likes of Witty Boi, Mr Virgo … and Benteke. You should deffo come up for the next one too.

Kade: Of course! Whenever I look at pictures for such bass nights I usually see a room full of man. But Phlexx is a different vibe … (Laughs)

Bru-C: (Laughs) Yeah none of that in my raves. The last one had 55% females inside

Kade: That’s seriously impressive, especially in that genre. You must be promoting it very well!

Bru-C: Yeah or there’s just something in the waters up here

Kade: You are an MC with a lot of performing experience : live gigs, Don’t Flop, we’ve done bits in Croatia – shut down Outlook…

Bru-C: (Laughs) I have some mad images in my head of you in Croatia

Kade: (Laughs) Moving swiftly on …. we certainly know how to party, and you are a guy who knows how to shutdown sets – did this take a lot of practice? What was is it like getting to that level of performance?

Bru-C:  As I said, it started off with the band around 2010, before I was even releasing grime. Capturing the mood, vibe and attention of the audience is key and you just got to grasp it. Don’t think, just do – get the energy right on the mic and vibe with it

Kade: You’re not only smashing the live performances and the very well-balanced girl-guy ratio club nights …

Bru-C : ahahaha

Kade: … you also just dropped a brand new EP

Bru-C: Just came out on Phlexx. Doing really well. It’s a 5 track Ep titled ‘One of Them’. There’s a remix which includes MC Vapour, K Dot, Gino, Dubzy & Dan Ja plus another one with Thorpey. You can cop in all the usual places, iTunes, Juno, Spotify, you can stream it on my soundcloud and the video has just dropped on Deeprot

Kade: Sounding big man! Thanks for catching up with me and all the luck with Phlexx and the release.

Bru-C: Big up Kade!

Interviewed by DJ Kade

Written by David Akosim

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