Okay, normally for our Recommends picks we go for something upbeat, fast, pacey and hard-hitting. However, we just couldn’t ignore this stunning record from DJ Seinfeld.

Forget U is an interesting blend of ambience with a somewhat garage inspired drum pattern layered with hypnotising vocals, resulting in 4mins and 22second of musical magic.

What we love about Forget U is the various emotions which it evokes: you can easily dance the night away hearing this in a rave or chill out to it late at night. We love how the lo-fi record doesn’t force anything upon you; rather, it is us consumer, the listener, the audience which can attune the record to anything we want – something very rare in music nowadays.

We thoroughly advice any reader to invest an hour listening to more of DJ Seinfield: a truly unique producer whose experimentations with sound and different genres is leading the way in making fascinating, innovative music viable for the club:

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Written by David Akosim


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