Grime in the UK is experiencing its best period in a decade. With the birth of new nights, artists and and an ever-growing fanbase, some may say grime is THE in-thing right now in UK music. It should therefore come as no surprise that the grime movement can now be seen in the U.S.

Kade chats to DJ Oblig, the man trying to create NYC’s very own grime scene.

Kade: Tell us about the event coming up in NYC?

DJ Oblig : I have Sir Spyro alongside AJ Tracey, it’s AJ’s first show in America. It’s going to be exciting. Certainly AJ has been creating a huge buzz for himself. I see him alongside Novelist running the Next Generation’s Scene. I would say Sir Spyro is the biggest grime DJ over here. People really f*** with The Grime Show and watch the videos. So, if you are not coming for AJ Tracey you are coming for Spyro. Then there’s me and my MC Bobby Moses. He’s done radio with Jammz, Reece West but this is his first proper big show which is good. We have some good local support too.

Kade: For these grime events and crowd in New York, what type of audience do you bring in? Who f**ks with grime over there?

DJ Oblig: Pretty much the ravers. The people who are in the bass scene clubs every weekend; essentially the dubstep type of scene.You know how dubstep is 140 so it all links, they understand it and like it. I know the hood guys will like it but it’s just getting it to them which is the issue. The events are not really around those areas.

Kade : How hard is it to put on a grime night in NYC?

DJ Oblig: The police don’t get involved with these sort of things. I guess you don’t really know what turnout you are going to get. I’ve been incorporating grime with dubstep, trap, just to get people in. Once, I played in some mad hood party in the Bronx. It was in the lobby of some apartment building; it was 50% grime, 50% trap and hip hop. I was playing Desiigner Panda with something like Spirit Bomb and it worked. It’s all about maintaining their attention


Kade: When looking for DJs and artists to book,from the U.K, what do you look for?

DJ Oblig: For MCs, energy is important. I am happy to bring out MCs that are not well known but those I rate; at the same time, if you are not well known you must have some stage presence for people to remember you. I am happy to bring less known MCs but will try pair them with big name DJs. Same for less name DJs and big name MCs. I just want to bring people I rate.

Kade: What can we expect from the event on the 15th and also future plans?

DJ Oblig: This Spyro event is actually our 1 year anniversary. There’s some god local talent which will be on show this night too.

We want to rebrand and make it all bigger. I’ve been doing some monthly nights with local talent but I want to push things forward now. Perhaps less frequent but more quality.I also have another show in September with Last Japan & Treble Clef, so really tying to push the grime movement over here in the states.

If you are looking to hear the very best of grime in NYC then DJ Oblig’s Low Life has you covered. Gone are the days where the genre was confined to one borough or postcard, the grime revolution is heading towards the states and DJ Oblig is the man leading the charge.

To find out more information about DJ Oblig’s Lowlife night, visit the the Facebook page here.


Interviewed by Kade

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